"Just call me Benny."

Nicknames: Benny (by everyone, except family)
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Canadian Lynx

Status: Doesn't matter. Nora's ex boyfriend.


Nothing really matters to Benny as long as he looks good or cool. You will notice him and you will acknowledge that he's cooler than you. Check out his brand new watch, that's real gold. The sweet gold rims on the wheels of his new car. His limited edition, celebrity branded clothes. Isn't that so cool? It's a shame you aren't though, but that's okay. Benny may feel...charitable, but know he wants something in return.

Benny is blunt, not caring at all if he is rude. Along with his haughtiness, it pushes people away except for a select few that tolerate him just enough to get the benefits from his friendship. He feels quite lonely despite his circle of "friends". He deals with a lot of insecurities that stem from his negative relationship with his parents.


"God, you are hideous."
"Hey lil mama, how you doin'?"
"For fuck's sake- just say Benny!"
"Give me a 'nya-nya', baby girl."
"People who wear that are fucking lame."

Fetishes & Kinks

Domestic cats, particularly calicos, ties into his master/pet kink. Paw kink. Shorter people.

Relationships & Thoughts


"Lil molly is so fucking sexy."
"She really knows what she's doing, mmm. I'm telling you, calicos are just like that."
"A lil clingy, but that's fucking cute."
"She belongs to me, I thought I made that clear."


"Back alley trash."
"Big tough tux, huh? Cute."
"Know your place, boy."

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