Catverse Glossary

More terms will be added. Existing terms may change or be added upon.


Barbed: 1. Refers to a barbed penis. 2. A tag on pornographic websites. 3. To receive sex from someone with a barbed penis.


Catch butterflies/chase butterflies: To get high on catnip.

Collar-boy/Collar-girl: A derogatory term for domestic cats.

Curly-tail: Homosexual.


Experience Nepeta: To get high on catnip.


Feral: An offensive term for a hybrid domestic cat.

Flabby: 1. A tabby who is considered overweight. 2. A tag on pornographic websites.


Gritty/Grit-ear: A slur for sand cats.


Halfie: A term for a mixed bred domestic cat. Usually considered offensive.


Litterfoot: A derogatory term.

Littermate: A sibling from the same litter.


Milkmaid: A woman who has more than one pair of developed breasts.

Molly: A generic name and also a term for female domestic cats.


Nepeta: 1. The most known god out of the nine member pantheon of an older domestic cat religion. Her story is often retold in other religions and even portrayed frequently in popculture. 2. In reference to catnip.

Nepeta's Curse: Also known as "Molly's Curse". 1. A term used for the menstrual cycle. 2. A belief that unmarried, unfaithful, and impure women only have daughters.

Nepeta's daughter: 1. A calico or tortie. 2. A very attractive (domestic cat) woman. 3. A prostitute.


Polly: A pre-transition/transitioning transgender woman. The term is sometimes twisted negatively to describe a "non-passing" individual. From the word "polliwog".

Popper: A derogatory term for servals.

Prowler: A term for the police.


Queen: 1. A girlfriend or wife. 2. A pregnant woman.


Reggie/Regina: A generic name for lions.


Screecher: A derogatory term for lynx.

She-tom: A transmisogynist slur.

Silvine: Silver vine.

Sylvia: A personified name for silver vine.


Teaser: A vasectomised male domestic cat who offers sex as a service for women.

Toasty/Toasted: A term for cats with pointed colors, mostly the Siamese breed.

Tom: A generic name and also a term for male domestic cats.


Wannabe: An offensive term for mountain lions. Used by lions.

Waul: Shortened from caterwaul.