Multi-layered story about family, relationships, trauma, and cats.
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Catverse focuses on an expansive family of cats and the many paths they walk in their individual lives.

It is ripe with romance and erotica, a lot of it of the incestuous variety. The desire to understand one another, the desire to love one another, to heal with each other. It is also packed with heartache, tension, and unresolved trauma. Exploring the good times that uplift their spirits and also the bad times which hold them down.

It's a personal project of weaving together many different stories that build off of one another. Building characters that are near and dear to me, while building the world around them to interact with and affect their daily lives.

While Robyn, Ian, Samuel, and Nora are considered the "main characters", the rest of their family is equally as important.

It is to be understood that while some of The Fam are incestuous: their relationships are very much taboo and are concealed(or attempted to be), them being in an incestuous relationship does not mean they are willing to have sex with just any of their relatives, and they have varying opinions on incest.

I make a lot of AUs which can vary from an event not happening at all, the relationship that never formed(or did form), a death that occurred, to a genderbend or a different setting that's not set in Catverse at all. Or something that I simply find amusing.






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