Nicknames: Ellie, Poppy/Pop-Pop(by grandkids)
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / Oriental Shorthair

Status: Married to Vivian.

Bio: Father of Nora, Nathan, and Neil.

Elliot is a happy-go-lucky guy, eager to go with the flow and have an optimistic outlook on any situation. However his tendency to take things easy makes him appear almost negligent sometimes.

He's pretty outgoing and tries to get along with everyone around him. He's sensitive to the thought of rejection and is a bit of a people pleaser.


"Well, let's not worry about it right now."
"Now now, sweetheart. You know it's totally fine."
"Hmhmhm. That's good kid, but how about this, eh?" strums guitar
"Well...I'm always here if you want to talk."
"It's been a while...perhaps we could...?"

Fetishes & Kinks

Hair pulling, biting, "sex noises".

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