alice and opal

I've wanted amphibian characters for some time now and I've brought these girls to life. They live in a deep cave, where its nice 'n quiet.

Opal, as a olm, cannot see. But she very much enjoys art and singing is a good way for her to express herself, her girlfriend loves to join in. Their home echoes nicely.

Alice engages in amputating her limbs from time to time with her lover's help. Despite how awful it sounds, it's a source of comfort for her. She doesn't worry too much as she's young and her limbs will always come back(she wishes they wouldn't). Opal cuts with great precision and kisses her love's bleeding stumps followed by much more pampering. Even if she can't see the cute garments Alice wears afterwards, her cloaca swells with arousal as she takes care of her helpless girlfriend and even toys with her.

Like most of my characters, these gals are both switch.

Alice doodles.

I couldn't figure out how I wanted Alice to be drawn. I love the bean look a lot, but a more anthro look seems cute sometimes. She likes to cuddle with Opal and gaze at her girlfriend's heart through her pale skin, watching it beat. It makes her calm and happy.

Opal doodles.

Opal is more clear in how I want her to look. Just a big ol' olm. Shy cute dummy. She likes french fries. And to be ate out and fingered(when Alice isn't limbless).