ian/emily AU

Initially, I always laughed at the thought of this pairing cuz of this. But over the year as I've poured much love into all of these cats, Ian has turned out to be quite the stubborn lil bastard. This AU has Ian being more dommy than usual, which is actually kinda fun!

Ian would be a nervous little weirdo, saying the wrong things to them.

"Your colors remind me of my mom's."

While internally screaming that that was stupid and weird!! Instant regret. Emily isn't pleased with his bad attempts at flirting. Poor boy has never done this before. 😿

He'd get advice from his dad to just...be honest about how he feels. Our lil shy boy musters up the courage to admit his feelings and ask Emily out for a date(while also apologizing for his past awkwardness). You see, Emily likes forward people, they're caught off guard, but accepts.

Ian's a pretty touchy-feely person, I imagine he'd try and...god the degeneracy, hold their hand the whole while.