"I know you're very aware about the agreement made last moon." Vixencry squinted at the small fish in her brother's mouth, her tail twitched in agitation. She knew something was up when she assigned patrol parties this sunrise, he had been absent.

The deputy's sudden appearance briefly put a pause in his step before Waspcloud rolled his eyes and brushed past, ignoring her quiet gasp of disbelief. The warrior settled in a small patch of grass and dropped the minnow in between his paws. "What're they gonna do? Start a battle over a fish?" he scoffed.

"Over your disrespect." She was in his face now, he had a small smirk that made her fur start to raise. “Why do you insist on embarrassing me over mouseshit?”

Waspcloud finally met her glare, "It's not that big a deal—"

"It is." Vixencry pressed a paw on top of the minnow to prevent him from eating it. He let out an exasperated sigh and dramatically rolled his eyes once more, now flat on his back.

"As the new deputy" —she stood over him, clearly annoyed by his theatrics— " having my littermate constantly do petty things that break the warrior code is not a good look."

"Only you know. It can be our little secret."

"You know I have to punish you." Vixencry squinted as she noticed a glint in his eye.

"Come on, Vixencry." Waspcloud said her name with a deep purr. He felt pleased with himself as various expressions flashed across her face. "Not like we haven't had secrets before."

A swift paw cuffed him on the ear. The deputy's fur was puffed out as she hissed, "For the next two days, the apprentices will be relieved of their elder care duties. You will be taking their place. Understand?"

Waspcloud nervously licked at his nose, but there was still a hint of amusement on his face that made Vixencry begin to storm away. "I understand," he called after her before nibbling on the minnow.

She couldn't tell Heavystar the truth. Vixencry didn’t want her brother possibly exiled over something so small, even if he did break the warrior code. Even if…it did start a battle over a fish. So stupid, why did he have to act like a kitten all the time? At least saying he was slacking on patrol was an easy excuse for his punishment. A sad, but believable and forgivable one. She doubted Waspcloud would learn his lesson or understand how she felt though.

Wow, my first piece of writing on the blog! I'd like to do this more often, even if it's just small snippets like this.

I think Waspcloud is a very fitting name for Dominic in the warriors AU lmao.