"We small cats stick together."

I wanted to do some line art practice today so I did Benny and his friends!

Here's some headshot sketches I did the other day too. Did some design touch ups.

First time I'm introducing Jamaal and Altair to the blog!

Altair and Jamaal are childhood friends, their friendship has been strong ever since their preschool days. They know each other very well. They have their ups and downs, but they stick with each other pretty much no matter what.

Changing from a duo to a trio has been an interesting development for them. They easily clicked with Benny over shared opinions. Bonding over their distaste of big cats and looking down on house cats(but of course they're very attracted to mollies). Sharing experiences and instantly becoming brothers.

Jamaal is very shy about his nose stripe, please do not point it out to him.

Altair is somewhat the more reasonable one, would rather deescalate situations.

Benny had somehow become the trio leader and the other two follow suit.

They argue a lot, but somehow it never becomes serious.