Some Benny/Cookie for the blog.

A lil doodle I did a couple days ago, figured I'd put it here too!

This is one of the rare healthy ships to be had with Benny. 😹

Now, while Benny prefers girls, he is comfortable in his bisexuality. It still comes across as a surprise to him that he caught a guy's eye, especially since girls usually scoff at his attempts for their attention.

Cookie likes taller boys and a lynx of all people is very intriguing...To have someone promise to pamper and love on him? All the while having hot sex? Sign him the fuck up. He's so clingy with Benny(not that he minds). They both feed each other the attention they desire and their kinks line up well.

I like to think that societal views on interspecies relationships vary a lot depending on what species you are, but they're less surprised overall when it comes to homosexuals? Like, it'd still raise some eyebrows, but for most it's because they're gay in the first place. Although, Cookie's family is concerned for him, the same reason they're concerned for Nora in canon— the power dynamic. Benny does not lay a single finger on his sweet, spoiled, lil kitten though.