Sketchy experiment so that I may share ✨lore. I actually have a lot thought about for this cat family. I like plot with my porn. uwu

Nora and Samuel left highschool and immediately entered parenthood. Both of the young to-be parents have a lot on their plates, being judged heavily by both of their families.

Sam doesn't handle it nearly as well as Nora. His home is full of clashing personalties that in some way or another slander his girlfriend constantly. Attempts are made to fill his head with doubt and he's fed up with it. He wants to be with her and it can't be there, not that his parents would allow it anyway.

Even though Nora's parents are very displeased with their daughter's actions, they're pretty hands off. Doesn't mean they don't go "I told you so." afterwards. Regardless, they cautiously allow her new boyfriend to stay under their roof. Sam's very upset about his first impressions, they don't see him any better than her last boyfriend. (I'll draw him soon. He's...interesting.)

Nora puts her plans for college on hold and her and Sam start to work their asses off. He's insistent on them moving out of her parents' house and there's a lot of resistance from both her and her parents, but he gets his way. They manage a small apartment with a little help from family.

After she gives birth they get a small moment of peace before the anxiety settles in. Ian is a quiet kitten that's taking longer than normal to open his eyes, unlike his more lively twin sister.

Daddy's super worried about his kittens and is trying his best, but is scared his best isn't enough. But he's dumb as fuck and forgets that mommy is there too. 💖