Real name: Makayla
Gender: Female
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / No specific breed

  • Height: 5'9"
  • Features: A calico with a short tail, splotches of bright red and black fur, and sharp green eyes.

Status: Has a unique relationship with her twin sister.

Bio: Older twin of Tiger. Older sister of Cookie. Daughter of Dominic and Isabelle.

Koi is soft spoken, impassive and difficult to provoke, in stark contrast with her twin. She keeps to herself most of the time. It's easier for her to put on a facade than to be herself, as she believes most people do not like her for her.


"Whatever you want is fine with me."

"You like that? That's interesting."

"Hm...Can you tell me more about that? I've...never heard of it before."

"Hehehe...Well, there's more where that came from." purrs


Fetishes & Kinks

Somnophilia, consensual non-consent, masochism.