Nicknames: Nats
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / Oriental shorthair mix

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Features: A ginger tabby with green eyes and long hair.

Status: Partnered with Neil.

Bio: Son of Vivian and Elliot. Littermates with Neil and Nora.

Nathan is a thrill seeking, rebellious guy. Living in the moment, he's easily bored. He has trouble properly communicating how he feels, getting frustrated and overwhelmed often, but he tries.

One half of a music duo, the other half being Neil.


"No. No no no no no. Fuck you."
"Maybe, just maybe. Let's say I do care, just a tiny bit. Consider."
"You comin' or not?"
"Fight me then, Mr.Tom."

Fetishes & Kinks

Sounding, watersports, gut punching(receiving), nipple play. Tends to get horny when high on catnip.

Relationships & Thoughts


"He pisses me off so much when he does that thing."
"Fucking idiot." Smiles.
"I've never told him about the nightmares, but...fuck. I- I wake up and think that he's actually gone, but there he is every morning, next to me. I mean- it's just a fucking dream, there's no reason to be stressed."
"It goes without saying, but I do love him. He knows that."


"Ya know, daddy's pretty damn cool despite his shitty humor."
"I...appreciate him a lot. Mama too."
"Feels good that he likes our music. Really wish he could see our shows with the crazy visuals 'n shit."


"Mama...she's-" Groans "she's right sometimes. Sometimes."
"Uuuuegh." Rolls eyes
"She's amazing though...would strangle a horse for you."


"Sparky is something special...I still have feelings. Don't think I couldn't."
"She knows how to have fucking fun. We always got into trouble, haha."
"She seems so happy now. It...always fucked me up seeing her cry."
"Don't get me wrong, she's still my bratty annoying little sister."


"I wanna fuck him so bad." Laughs
"He has this cute small smile every time we call him 'brother'." Chuckles
"He punched me really fucking good one time." Moans "Fuck. I need to feel that again, he's so beefy now. Unhh..."


"She's a little demon! Sparky 2.0 right here."
" totally into her brother. Hey, look. I know what it looks like when I see it! I'm not gonna say anything though, why would I?"


"Oh my nephew's a deviant, don't let that sweet smile fool you." Chuckles
"Should really pay him to draw us some album art sometime. It'd blow his little mind."