"Woooah, that's wacky."

Nicknames: Nim (By everyone)
Gender: Female
Species/Breed: Domestic cat-Devon Rex/Siamese

  • Height: 7'2"
  • Features: Large over-sized ears. Small chested. Simplistic grey markings on her upper face and down on her lower back. Wears a gauge in her right ear and typically two barrettes along her hairline. Hair reaches down to her calves. Eyes are a slate-blue color with one pupil being duller than the other.

Status: Interested in sex with other females, fear of commitment

Bio: Only daughter of Kit and Eva.

Nim is a sarcastic outsider that makes up for her flaws by being proficient in sex.. specifically with ladies. Though she often goes too far when it comes to teasing, her knowledge regarding dating and sex often comes in handy when her friends are having trouble.


  • Nimue is an old world name related to the term "Mneme" which means memory. Eva named her daughter this for religious reasons. The name has no family history.
  • Nim has a condition that causes her overly tall stature. She's sure to develop joint problems early in life.


"That's Wacky"
"Slow down there, Chief."

Fetishes & Kinks

Facial Expressions, Excited/Eager Women, Being touched or stroked, Particularly short girls, Small breasts, Longer hair, Kinky women, Watersports

Relationships & Thoughts


"He's a cool dude. Kinda rare."
"I like his little art thing he's got going on. That's neat."
"I think..I care about him. Sometimes he says things that make me frustrated, but it's kinda okay. Like a little brother, maybe."


"Uuuh..She has really nice armpits. Maybe the best at school."
"Just looking at her makes me mad sometimes because of the whole.. she's taken, and she won't fuck me."
"I can't see very well when she's doing the dance thing, but it seems like she's good at it. Sporty girls are cute."


"I feel like a night with her would be one of the best."
"She makes a cute face at me sometimes... I bet she's a good mom."
"If I had to go on a date with a girl, maybe. Maybe."


"I'm literally a stick and he's like a wrecking ball but he acts like I'm going to mow him down somehow."
"Sometimes he says dumb things to Ian. I think it makes me mad, but it's hard to react."


"Little nerdy ball of lard."
"He mutters about crazy stuff all the time. If I can hear him the rabbits and foxes can too, I don't think he realizes that."
"I get great pleasure from ruining his days."


"Maybe the only person I'd call my best friend. Not that other people aren't important to me.. Em's just..." Shrug
"Eats more chocolate than I could ever imagine eating. I have some at home just for them."
"The whole body thing is hot.. but concerning. I think if Em was a she, I'd...hmm. I dunno."


"Aaaahh...I mean I love my dad I guess."
"That's not.. It's fine. Sometimes he's just.." Shrug
"It feels like life is a constant battle...but maybe not that bad. I dunno."


"We do yoga sometimes when we're both home. That's nice."
"We don't.. know each other. But it's better than some other parents I see."
"I thiiiink a lot of my.. things.. are because of her. That part's kinda weird. It's really obvious."

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