Nicknames: Little Spark(by her father), Sparky (by her brothers)
Gender: Female | Genderbent as Noah
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / Oriental shorthair mix

Status: Happily married to Samuel.

Bio: Mother of Ian and Robyn. Daughter of Vivian and Elliot. Littermates with Nathan and Neil.

Nora is open minded with beaming confidence and goofy humor. She overthinks things a little bit and loves a good debate.

She's a photographer and blogger, nature focused as she loves science. She also runs an adult blog on the side, sharing her experiences with kink and sexuality, often reviewing toys and talking about self expression.

She likes working with her hands(once she gets her head out of the clouds) and will occassionally start little artsy projects with Samuel.


"Ooh! I think I want to start getting into pottery. Watched this neat video earlier where this guy made this reaaally cool looking bowl."
"Ooo. I didn't know that could fit in there."
"Honey, I promise you it's completely normal."
"Well, we'll just have to find another way won't we?"

Fetishes & Kinks

Femdom, latex, bondage, pegging, spanking. Likes trying anything at least once.

Relationships & Thoughts (wip)

Latest Posts with Nora


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    AU where Nora and Samuel are kidnapped and abused by Benny.


    Been fucking around with the family tree!

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    Honestly, if their dad caught them fucking, he'd most likely laugh.

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    'bark n bite' is an indie rock band that Neil loves a lot. he loves something else a lot too

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    Catverse is so fun to experiment with. I really enjoy doing these small snippets.

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    Wanted to practice clothing a little bit