Nicknames: Ceecee
Gender: Female
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / No specific breed

Status: Dating Theodora, semi-open relationship.

Bio: Daughter of Mirabelle and Thomas. Littermates with Samuel, Theodora, Grace, Lori, and Helen. Older sister to Maybelle, Anabelle, and Jezebelle.

A peppy, boisterous girl with a soft heart. Percy takes after her father by being charming and approachable, albeit in her own quirky way.

Percy is very self-conscious. She feels bad that she's awkward and clumsy. Puts on a facade when she feels upset.


"H-hi- um-" voice cracks, clears throat
"Hah! Did you see that? I did that!"
"Do you- you think she'll like this?"
"Pfft. How about you do better, huh? Be like me."
audibly flexes

Fetishes & Kinks

Anal(giving and receiving), loves fisting, enemas, body worship.

Relationships & Thoughts


"I love Pinky."
"He told me he felt the same way I did. I don't see's obvious he got more attention."
"He's so stupid." Giggles
"He's uh...the only boy I find um...well. Yea. Yep."


"Oh man, Dora...she's so beautiful."
"Her and Sam really taught me how to love myself...they're pretty awesome."
Blushes "S-she's uh, I- we're uh-" Fidgets
"Every time we kiss feels just like the first time."


"Papa...I'm always awestruck."
"He always looks at me with such love in his eyes, but..."
"I feel like I'm-" Looks at the floor "Nevermind...It's not that important."


"I'm sorry mama."

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