Nicknames: Sam (by everyone), Pinky(by Percy)
Gender: Male | Genderbent as Samara
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / No specific breed

Status: Happily married to Nora.

Bio: Father of Ian and Robyn. Son of Thomas and Mirabelle. Littermates with Theodora, Percy, Grace, Lori, and Helen. Older brother to Maybelle, Anabelle, and Jezebelle.

Samuel is a pretty reserved guy, he keeps to himself and is very observant. This tom is as stubborn as a mule and is pretty judgmental. Honesty is one of his greatest traits, but he can be insensitive at times while not purposefully trying to be mean. Samuel is one to keep his promises, but he doesn't make them lightly.

While not overtly confident, he's proud of his achievements, but this quickly fizzes away while in the presence of his father.


" this gay, Nora?"
"Can I trust you to do this for me?"
"...Nope. I don't wanna fucking know."
"Huh. That's pretty cute."
"Yep, different voice actor for her after season 2. I think she does very well, fits the character more in my opinion."
"You don't wanna put in too much, it'll completely ruin it. Here, taste it. See? Perfect."

Fetishes & Kinks

Femdom, orgasm denial, bondage, spanking, fisting. Likes trying anything at least once.

Relationships & Thoughts (WIP)


  • Quite the anime fan, particularly enjoys the magical girl genre as he watched a lot of it as a kid and teen.
  • Has major resting bitch face.

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    I've drawn the fam as humans before. It's nice practice, even though I can't see myself drawing humans too much, but it still helps regardless. >:O Just a bunch of 🐱felines trying to live a normal life in the city.

    borrow?? yes.

    Wanted to draw Sam interacting with his youngest sisters.