Nicknames: Theo(by Samuel), Dora(by other family members)
Gender: Female
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / No specific breed

Status: Dating Percy. Semi-open relationship.

Bio: The oldest child and daughter of Mirabelle and Thomas. Littermates with Samuel, Percy, Grace, Lori, and Helen. Older sister to Maybelle, Anabelle, and Jezebelle.

Laidback and goodhumored, Theodora tends to stepback and watch the world around her. Despite how chaotic her siblings can be, she tries to get along with all of them. It's stressful and she struggles with feeling underappreciated, but she rarely wants to think about the effects it has on her and would rather indulge in rebellious comfort-seeking.


"Haha, you're such a dork."
"Yeaaaah? So what?"
"Hey,'s okay."
"Woooo. Weirdo alert."
"Alright, alright. Cut it out."
"Nah, I ain't about that."

Fetishes & Kinks

Paw kink, degrading, powerbottom, exhibitionism, dirty talking, gangbang

Relationships & Thoughts


"My sister's goofy as hell."
"She's so prickly sometimes, guuuh. I can take it though."
"Percy's a great girlfriend. Umm...I guess I'm the weirdo, huh?"
"She tends to spiral when she's feeling haunted, but...I'm here for her when it happens. I don't mind."


"It's a contest between him and Percy for most goofy twin."
"He's got an anxiety-riddled brain too..."
"He's a lot stronger than he thinks he is and I don't mean his muscles."


Forced exhale
"She goes there, she really goes there with me."
"She wants to bring me down so bad, I can't let her."
"I know why she acts that way, but there's not shit I can do about it. You can't help somebody who doesn't want it."


"'Aim a little higher.' I what?"
"I know she wants me around and I do too, but she's so unbearable sometimes."
"I know. I was hard-headed, I'm sorry. But I had to be."


"Him and mama never took it too well when I came home with a new piercing, haha."
"He loves me a lot, I know that. But...I always did come last."
"There's no use in telling him anything, really."

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