Nicknames: Tom, PawPaw(by grandkids)
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / No specific breed

  • Height: 6'1"
  • Features: A muscular black and white tuxedo cat with piercing yellow eyes and notable mustache.

Status: Married to Mirabelle.

Bio: Father of Samuel, Theodora, Percy, Grace, Lori, Helen, Maybelle, Anabelle, and Jezebelle.

A seemingly stoic man with a powerful smile and overflowing charisma. Thomas is fairly stubborn, upholding traditional values and ideals. His position as patriarch and pastor is very important to him. He's very aware of how he's viewed and takes full advantage of it. He has no qualms with how he handles his authority, especially over his children.

Despite his stone exterior, he's a huge softie and somewhat of a goofball.


"You gotta give the ladies that sweet purr. Never fails."
"There's no room for weakness here. I know you can do better."
"Never say that in front of me again."
"Psh, I can take it. Stay out of my way."

Fetishes & Kinks

Body worship(esp ball worship), praise, tongue baths