Nicknames: Lil Man(by Ashley), Toddler(by HATERS)
Gender: Male | Genderbent as Tamm
Species/Breed: Domestic cat / No specific breed

Status: Single. Crushes on Ian and has confusing feelings for Robyn.

Bio: Son of Cydnee

Todd is the only surviving kitten from a litter of five. He only lives with his mother and has a tense relationship with her. His father left when he was younger.

Life at home is pretty stressful, but he is also really shy and spends the majority of his time within his room. Todd is a streamer and plays videogames. He’s got a lot of negative opinions due to some toxic internet culture he’s clung onto.


"I've never seen such a bad fucking play. Absolutely horrid."
"Heh. I found this glitch, can you believe that? I made history!"
"Chat. Chat shut the fuck up. If you like the second game, you're a fucking idiot."
"Oh, whatever. You know it's stupid."
"Oooh! The next installment is coming out, did you know?!"


Holds the WR for Rat Pack: Brothers Return, an old obscure game with strange controls.

Fetishes & Kinks

Belly button fetish. Praise kink(giving), bullying/degradation(receiving).

Relationships & Thoughts(WIP, redoing)

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    ANOTHER todd redesign

    It's him, it's Todd!! I really like this, really breathes more life into him. I've wanted his tabby stripes darker for a while now and a lot more simplified. Also, FLUFFY!<3


    Genderbent Todd. Tamm!!